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TeleDirect Services will bring your company to the next level

Whether you’re the head of a huge corporation or an entrepreneur with a small, budding business, chances are you have a hundred different things on your plate at any given time. If you’re looking for effective ways to ease your stress and lighten your workload, think about what aspects of your business could be easily outsourced.

What responsibilities give you the most stress or take up the most time? For many businesses, converting leads into sales is a huge part of the daily grind. But most likely, you started your business to bring a product or service to your consumers, not spend all day locked in your office making phone calls.

TeleDirect, a Sacramento-based telecommunications company, has been helping businesses achieve their short- and long-term goals since 1961. Our call center is available 24/7 to filter large volumes of incoming calls and provide other telecommunication services, including:

– Professional Phone Services: When prospective clients or customers call your business, a knowledgeable and professional person at the other end can be the difference between a successful or failed call. Our highly-trained employees are the epitome of professionalism and will represent your company well.

– Second Life Leads: Whether you’ve run out of time to worry about your conversion rates, or you aren’t exactly sure what that phrase means, TeleDirect can help. We focus on refining conversion rates and preparing leads for your closers and sales teams.

– Seminar Edge: If you’re planning an online seminar, we can provide an answering service that will create a strong impression of your company for your prospective attendees.

No matter what telecommunications services you need, TeleDirect is ready and eager to support your company and help bring it to a new level of success. Call us today to learn about how our services can improve your company, and visit us at

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