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Customer Service 101

What’s the most important quality of your business? Is it competitive pricing, environmental responsibility, or increasing revenues? No matter what your particular company’s mission statement entails, having great customer service is important to any business.

Without customers or clients, most businesses would cease to exist. How do you make sure your customer service is on point to keep your current customers happy while enticing new customers?

– Remember the Golden Rule. One thing is true for all business owners: They are all consumers themselves. You know how you like to be treated when you walk into a restaurant, retail store, or office. Treat your customers the same way you’d expect to be treated, and you’ll avoid miscommunications or perceived disrespect.

– Be receptive to feedback. Feedback comes in all shapes and forms, from body language, to online reviews, to phone calls to management. If you ignore any of these forms of feedback, your customers will feel like you don’t care and will take their business elsewhere. Thank people for their positive feedback, and let negative reviewers know that their concerns have been heard.

– Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Soliciting positive reviews is never a good idea, but there are acceptable ways to ask customers for feedback. After making a sale, ask them if they’d like you to follow up with them in a few days’ time, or encourage them to call if they have any further questions.

Customer service isn’t always a straightforward concept. Answering consumers’ phone calls can be especially daunting, since the face-to-face component of conversation is eliminated. Help your customers feel comfortable in knowing that their feedback has been heard by outsourcing your telecommunications to a company like TeleDirect.

Give us a call or head to to see how we can help your business put its best foot forward.


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