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Telemarketing Service Strategies: Learning from Customer Complaints

In any business, you need to deal with your customers professionally—especially the most difficult ones. Customers with lots of negative feedback certainly won’t hesitate to call you out on sources of dissatisfaction. Don’t dismiss these customers because they can easily broadcast their opinions on social media. Rather, be sure to turn the situation into a profitable opportunity.

Take the advice of customer service consultant Micah Solomon who says that a customer who fires multiple complaints at you can actually be a gift. In an article published by Forbes, Solomon explains how those three or four “whiny” statements from customers can make you realize where you need to improve.

The information (couched as complaints) that your customer will give you in this sensitized state is extremely valuable. This is a magical, if painful, moment. The sensitized customer will be attuned to pointing out things that none of your employees are likely to notice in the course of their routine day. That few of your regular customers consciously notice, even if it is grinding down, over time, their subconscious opinion of the customer experience you provide.

Solomon reminds readers to “try to be all ears in a situation like this, because you have very, very few customers who will bring this stuff up in such detail. Most of your customers are trying to be polite. To not cause trouble or be a bother. Or, most tragically, don’t care enough to speak up because they’ve already written you off.”

When you receive direct feedback or complaints from customers, you can study the data gathered and use it to improve your products and processes. For instance, you root out undetected deficiencies in your product or identify additional services that can benefit your clients. Your findings can be documented on your database, analyzed, and used to enhance the quality of what you sell and the scripts your preferred telemarketing call center uses.

Telemarketing basically entails introducing your brand to consumers or reinforcing how you can meet needs they already have or didn’t know they had. The people who represent you should keep this in mind in every call, aside from using the language and scripts that you require. For this reason, it would be to your advantage to work with a telemarketing service provider like TeleDirect that lets you access your data 24/7 and employs skilled telesales agents who conduct successful interactions with each lead or prospect in keeping with industry best practices.

(Source: Customer Service Tip: That Whiny Complaining Customer? She’s Actually A Gift From The Gods, Forbes, July 5, 2014)


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