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Automation or Live Chat? Outstanding Benefits of Using a Call Center

If you’ve ever been put on hold for a length of time by a seemingly incompetent customer service representative, then you know how frustrating it can be. As a business owner, this is something that you don’t want happening to your customers. That is why, as soon as your business starts receiving more calls than you can handle, you need to consider outsourcing your customer service needs to a reliable call center.

Think that automation is the answer to your customer service woes? Think again. A recent article posted on online publication Smart Customer Service stresses that the human factor provided by reputable call centers remains the number one way to get through to customers and achieve customer satisfaction.

Coming on the heels of a November 2013 customer service benchmark report, eDigitalResearch has released a follow-up study reaffirming its core finding: Live chat is the most satisfying modality for customer engagement.

Derek Eccleston, commercial director for eDigitalResearch, isn’t surprised. The trends for digital touch points, particularly for live chat, make intrinsic sense.

“Consumers these days…expect to get what they want, when they want it,” he writes in an email to Smart Customer Service. “Live chat provides people with the opportunity to chat…without the hassle of long automated systems or being left on hold. It also provides a less personal approach to contacting a company—especially if people are looking to make a complaint!”

Live chat is still king in customer satisfaction

For that much needed good impression

The success of any business relies heavily on leaving a good impression on customers. For this reason, it is important to have courteous and professional customer service representatives receiving your calls. Below are just two of the advantages of call center outsourcing.

Reduced operation costs

In many cases, hiring a call center is less expensive than hiring a dedicated staff to handle your customer service needs. On top of that, call centers are usually available round the clock. On the other hand, having to hire employees to fill your customer service needs 24/7 is certain to add a considerable burden on your budget.

Application of modern customer service methods

Keeping track of communications and interactions with your leads requires a serious amount of work, especially as today’s customers contact companies through various channels. The best call centers employ the latest in customer service processes and technologies. This means that they are well-equipped and highly capable of handling your customer service needs.

Utilizing the services of a call center can be the best way to help your business start hitting its goals, so don’t delay. Your success depends on it.


(Source: Live Chat Is Still King in Customer Satisfaction, Smart Customer Service, Jul. 10, 2014)


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