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Quality Lead Generation Services: Don’t Rule Out ‘Cold Leads’ Just Yet

Imagine that you’re marketing a brand-new pair of boxing gloves with revolutionary padding for optimal protection. You managed to get your target customers, i.e. frequent gym boxers, intrigued and excited to try out a pair for themselves. They loved your product, felt like raving about it—but ultimately opted not to buy it.

Turn Cold Leads Into Hot new Sales

These customers have now become “cold leads.” At this point, most businesses would have abandoned them and turned to hotter leads.

Yet cold leads, which also include customers who have never heard of the product, do not necessarily remain that way for good. In the case of boxers, boxing gloves would have to be replaced after years of constant use against punching bags and sparring partners. Those leads are likely to become viable once their old pair has had it.

This is basically what Janet Attard, founder of marketing resource website Business Know-How, explains in an article entitled “Turn Cold Leads Into Hot New Sales.” Businesses that threw away those cold leads just lost their best customers. Businesses that kept them, on the other hand, should be in a better position to increase their market share.

Second Chance

If the saying “Everybody deserves a second chance” had practical applications, then lead generation would be one. Quality lead generation services, such as what TeleDirect provides, encourage businesses to never let go of their cold leads just because they turned cold. The key to turning cold leads into hot sales is a good but inexpensive follow-up plan. Attard writes:

Your follow-ups don’t have to be elaborate or costly. A telephone call or follow up letter asking if you can provide additional information, reminders to check your web site for new information, and notices of special offers all are good ways to keep in touch and keep your name and product fresh in their mind.

The idea is to keep customers thinking about your product to the point that it’s the first thing that comes to their minds the moment they have a need for it. This may not guarantee immediate sales, though, as that entails an entirely different strategy. However, you can certainly pounce on cold leads you’ve previously come across when the time is right.

Cold leads also refer to customers who have done business with you before. You can inform them of upcoming product releases to help them make informed purchase decisions. A company like TeleDirect Call Center should have a similar lead management strategy in place. See your conversion rates shoot up by working with an experienced lead generation call center.

(Source: “Turn Cold Leads Into Hot New Sales,” Business Know-How)


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