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How a Customer-Oriented Approach by an Outbound Call Center Can Help

These days, customers are not necessarily interested in hearing about what you offer. Rather, they’re more particular about how what you are offering can help them.

Sadly, a recent Gallup poll involving banks show otherwise. Most banks still boast their commitment to excellence instead taking the time to make good on that commitment. Gallup reporter Beth Youra shares that she is not calling a bank “just to chat.”

I am NOT calling you just to chat, and you are wasting your time trying to sell me something unrelated to my issue that I don’t need. How can you do that to me? Can’t you tell I’m already annoyed and busy? And asking if you can sell me something before launching into your pitch isn’t helping.

Banks-Your Call center Employees can Make Sales and Engage Customers

According to the poll, nearly half of banks surveyed believe knowledge of products and services are a significant driver of conversion sales. However, experts say this doesn’t make as much of an impact as offering solutions based on that knowledge. contributing editor Geoffrey James shares the same view. Customers won’t care if you’re a Fortune 500; they just want a company that will come to their rescue and actually provide them what they’re looking for. Achieving the right sales mindset, in this context, is only a matter of a reputable telemarketing call center fine-tuning the way it handles each sales call, whether inbound or outbound.

The Client as Subject
To understand what James is emphasizing, recall the usual subject-verb-direct object (S-V-DO) pattern. Taking examples from James’ article, the less effective statements cite the company as the subject of the sentence. The more powerful statements, on the other hand, cite the client as the subject.

Here’s a closer look. First, the less effective statement:

Acme specializes in consumer-validated 360 degree product development […]

Now, the right statement:

Consumer goods companies hire Acme to create new products for them […]

See the difference? This customer-oriented approach to marketing can help businesses in the long run because it puts them in a good position to fulfill a customer’s need. It also makes for a more concise sales spiel, which every caller on the move is likely to appreciate.

Such a customer-oriented approach is what a reputable outbound call center like TeleDirect takes. By keeping each interaction friendly, professional, and efficient, customers are able to get what they want and at the same time form a favorable impression of the company being represented.


(Source: “Banks: Your Call Center Employees Can Make Sales and Engage Customers,” Gallup, August 28, 2014)


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