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Lead Generation Services Provider on Converting Leads to Customers

Here’s a fact that all businesspeople know: Even the most loyal customers were once mere prospects. As such, finding your next VIP client is vital to ensuring continuous sales.

Build Trust

Of course, prospecting for leads is hard enough as it is, but what comes next is an even bigger challenge—turning a prospect into a customer. TeleDirect, which provides lead generation services to enterprises, gives a few useful tips to help you succeed in this endeavor:

Find “Pain Points”

All clients have “pain points,” those areas of their personal or professional lives that they wish could be better. As this article by Al Davidson of points out, researching your prospects can drastically increase your chance of convincing them to buy your product:

Too many sales reps pick up the phone and start making sales calls without really knowing anything about the person they’re calling. Don’t go into a sales call flying blind.

Before your sales reps pick up the phone, they need to know who they are calling and why. The easiest way to build trust is to show the prospect that they’re not just another name on a calling list. Show them that you know something about their company, you know the industry, and you have a specific reason for why you thought they would like to hear from you today.

Faster Replies, More Conversions

When it comes to lead conversion, speed is everything. Statistics show that conversion rates are 391% higher when you respond within a minute of a lead’s inquiry. Wait another minute and that percentage drops to just 120%. Of course, you might not have the manpower or facilities to accomplish rapid follow-ups, which is where a call center for leads generation can prove indispensable.

Always Ask for Referrals

Not all your cold calls will result in leads, but don’t let your efforts be in vain—ask for referrals! After all, the person you’re talking to might not need your products or services now, but he or she might just know someone who does. Also, people tend to view “referred” calls as more credible, so they’ll be more willing to listen to your pitch.

Landing a client is rarely an easy task, but these tips should help you bring in more customers and further your company’s growth.

(Source: Ways to Build Trust with Prospects,, September 27, 2012)


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