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Creating a strong customer base with Telesales

Since the modernization of the telephone, receiving calls at inconvenient times from “telemarketers” has become a running joke for Americans. Society has become so desensitized to the “unknown number” on their caller ID that they no longer answer the phone, or hang up promptly when they discover they’re talking to a salesperson. How do we turn a practice with a bad reputation into a profitable strategy? The answer lies in telesales.

What are Telesales?
Similar to tele-marketing, which is the practice of communicating a marketing message over the telephone, tele-sales also involves a verbal communication between a representative and a consumer. While the goal of telemarketing is often limited to informing a potential customer about your product or service, telesales goes into a much deeper level of customer relations. For example, a telesales representative will make the extra effort to get to know your prospective customers and clients. While maintaining a professional demeanor at all times, the representative will truly listen to the prospect to understand his or her specific needs. Once the representative understands the customer, he or she can offer the customer much higher quality of service, and a stronger relationship can form.

Why do I need Telesales representatives?
If you want to grow your business and increase your loyal clientele base, telesales may be just the thing to elevate you to that next level. Facilitating consistent relationships with your prospects is a surefire way to turn them from leads into loyal customers. Keep things cost-effective and efficient by outsourcing your telesales responsibilities to a diligent call center like TeleDirect. If you have any questions or want to get started on your path to a bigger customer base, visit us at



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