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Are you on top of your customer service game?

When you categorize your responsibilities as a business owner, how high on the list is customer service? Even if you devote countless hours to making sure every dimension of the customer experience is top-notch, eventually you’re going to have a customer who just isn’t satisfied.

Here’s where the most important part of customer service comes in: damage control and prevention.

According to data collected by Win the Customer, customers who have a negative experience are twice as likely to talk about it with other people, both conversationally and in the form of poor online reviews. Furthermore, it takes twelve overwhelmingly positive customer experiences to offset the damage done by that one bad review.

Here are a few other alarming statistics:

  • About 81 percent of customers expect assistance with their problem within 1 hour or less of seeking help online.
  • A customer is 4 times more likely to go to a competitor after having a poor customer service experience with your company, as opposed to an issue with the product or the price.
  • The cost of attaining a new customer is 7 times that of retaining an existing customer.

When a customer hits a speed bump, they want to know that your business is accessible, friendly, and willing to help resolve the issue. The vast majority of people will choose to contact the business from their homes, either through the internet or by calling, rather than returning to the location. Having a friendly representative to respond to your customers’ concerns is crucial. By utilizing the help of a 24-hour call center like TeleDirect, customers won’t slip through the cracks and end up feeling ignored while ultimately deciding to take their business elsewhere. Contact us today at to see what we can do to improve your customer service!



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