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Well-managed call centers rank right up there with an aggressive ad campaign

No matter how big or small your operation is, teamwork is key. Whether you’re dealing with customers, vendors or your staff, the ability to work well with others and delegate responsibilities are imperative to your businesses success. Not only that, but allowing a trusted employee or partner to take the reigns of a situation is only going to make your team stronger.

Remember, you’re only one person. Over-extending yourself by micromanaging every little aspect can lead to a quicker burnout and undermine the original purpose of your business. Getting your message out is priority #1, so looking for the most efficient way to do so, should be at the top of your list.

Outbound calling is one great way to get your message out to the masses. In fact studies suggest that a well-managed call center call-campaign ranks right up there alongside an aggressive ad campaign, siting that 3,000 agents averaging 50 calls per day has more than 54 million contact points with a customer base in a year. Also, utilizing a call center will help with customer retention. On average, when a customer can get their question answered on one call, they’re 15% more likely to stay with you.

According to

“A well-functioning call center is critical to business performance. Call centers help companies resolve customer issues, retain customers, convert calls into leads, and maintain a positive reputation. Call center statistics generated by call center management software and third-party services can help companies to better manage their customer relationship management.”

Call centers like TeleDirect allow their customers to change their message on a dime. Let’s say there is an important development in regards to your product. Getting that message out quickly could be the one thing that influences a customer into looking deeper into your products and services. Customers are very simple, they just want to as informed as possible and to be treated decently. If your company can do that, its reputation and integrity will go through the roof. Customers are going to talk no matter what. So make you when they do talk, that they’re say good things about you.

Source: (Call Center Statistics –


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