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How a Customer-Oriented Approach by an Outbound Call Center Can Help

These days, customers are not necessarily interested in hearing about what you offer. Rather, they’re more particular about how what you are offering can help them. Continue reading

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Automation or Live Chat? Outstanding Benefits of Using a Call Center

If you’ve ever been put on hold for a length of time by a seemingly incompetent customer service representative, then you know how frustrating it can be. As a business owner, this is something that you don’t want happening to your customers. That is why, as soon as your business starts receiving more calls than you can handle, you need to consider outsourcing your customer service needs to a reliable call center. Continue reading

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State-of-the-Art Call Center Services: Money Well Spent, All the Time

What’s worse than a faulty product or a bad service? For most Americans, bad customer service tops the list—at least according to a recent study on consumer behavior. Today’s Facility Manager writer Heidi Schwartz gives a quick rundown of what this study reveals about the effects of bad customer service on businesses and consumers alike. The results are quite interesting, to say the least, especially in light of the ComCast customer service debacle that is still fresh on people’s minds:

Findings from a recent ClickSoftware study show dealing with service issues is causing more than just frustration. It could be costing Americans $108 billion annually with an individual loss of more than $750 per person. Businesses stand to suffer a yearly productivity loss of approximately $900 per employee due to work time spent contending with customer service inefficiencies. Overall, that’s a $130 billion annual expense to companies nationwide.

The study also shows that more than a third of the country’s population is likely to cancel subscriptions based on a bad customer experience. With that in mind, business owners have all the more reason to take their customer service functions more seriously.

These days, companies don’t necessarily have to set up infrastructure and train customer service staff from scratch to handle customer queries. A lot of businesses now choose to work with an established call center agency like TeleDirect Call Centers. It’s all about practicality; after all, utilizing experienced call center agents costs less time and money than hiring and training new ones.

Reputable call centers hire customer service agents based not only on technical and problem-solving abilities but also aptitude for the job. Qualities like politeness, levelheadedness, empathy, and patience are valued. These competencies, along with working knowledge of communication and networking technologies, enable call center agents to represent the client well and create a good first impression among customers. In addition to receiving calls, call center representatives can also spearhead a company’s marketing campaign by carrying out telemarketing and lead generation activities.

Even with the prevalence of social networking sites, email, and mobile apps, many businesses can still expect their phones to go off the hook. Another study published in 2012 shows that 79 percent of all consumers would rather talk to someone over the phone than to go online for answers to their queries. Given the above findings, companies cannot afford to provide a lackluster service over the phone. Fortunately, a trusted firm such as TeleDirect Call Centers can lend the necessary expertise and technology that help businesses of all sizes provide a stellar customer service experience 24/7/365.

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Increase Awareness and Visibility Through Transparency

BY: Tom Coshow

Looking for a resource center that works transparently? TeleDirect can redefine “accessibility” with our transparency services such as providing your company with account management and campaign analytics! Having access to these reports and metrics at your fingertips is shown to help improve your ROI hand over hand.

Don’t worry, with over 50 years expertise in many industries, we know we can handle your needs:

  • Capacity: We handle 100,000 interactions per day, 24/7/365
  • Service: Answering 80% of calls in 20 seconds or less
  • Accounts: Dedicated Account Manager and Script Designer
  • Pricing: Per minute pricing, dedicated option, and NO CONTRACTS

Whether you are looking for key operational metrics, account quality reviews, or resolution accountability, we are confident that we can assist with an effective solution! Contact us today for more information:

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